Wc Zone Shipping



Wc Zone Shipping makes it possible for you to create complex rules to ship your products worldwide. it will make shipping easy for you.
you can create/define different areas and zones in back-end settings and can add shipping according to different weights.
there is no limitation to add shipping or weight,
Area(s) added by you in back-end will appear at checkout page in a dropdown field and customer/user will need to select his area at checkout page.
so according to area selection shipping will appear at checkout page.
you should keep the area name realistic, so customer/user can know/identify his area at checkout page.
Here i’m giving you a simple shipping example how Wc Zone Shipping works.
1st you need to create Zone(s) then you can add area(s) in specific zone.
like if i want to ship my product in New york and i have following area(s)

  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

if i want different shipping rate for all above areas then i need to add all these areas in different zone and if i want same rate for all these areas then just need to add all in single zone.
let’s say i want to calculate different shipping rate for all 5 areas.
so i need to create 5 zones..
Zone-1,Zone-2,Zone-3 and so on..
now i’ll add each area to a specific zone..

  • Manhattan -> Zone-1
  • The Bronx -> Zone-2
  • Brooklyn -> Zone-3
  • Queens -> Zone-4
  • Staten Island -> Zone-5

now i need to add weight for different zones
so weight should be like
from – to – Price
0 – 5 – 2

you don’t need to add weight unit or currency symbol, plugin will get automatically from woocommerce settings.
Please check screenshots and Video for more clarification.
Just write us if you have any problem or query in setting up this plugin.