Polylang User Manager



Polylang User Manager will work with Polylang WordPress multilingual Plugin, it will allow you to restrict access for editors/shop_manager or other user role based on languages they’re not assigned as Translators or editor. you can assign a specific language to translators who will be able to add/edit content only in allowed languages. it will prevent them from editing or even navigating to other languages or other language content.

You Just need to follow these steps to make it working.
1. Install & activate Polylang User Manager plugin with Polylang.
2. Go to Add New user Screen.
3. Select options , language & user Role  for New user. select “Shop Manager” if you are using woocommerce platform and you want to allow user to edit woocmmerce products otherwise just select “Editor”.
4. Hit add new user button.
now the new user will be able to edit only allowed content in allowed language.
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